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AssesSurgery is a web-based service, which intents to assist surgeons and researchers interested in surgical quality improvement. Focus is put on postoperative complication grading, assessment of overall morbidity, individual cost control as well as indication of liver transplantation.


AssesSurgery provides five main services:

  1. Postoperative complication grading by Clavien-Dindo Classification
  2. Assessment of patients’ overall morbidity by Comprehensive Complication Index (CCI®)
  3. Individual abdominal surgery patient’s case cost assessment by CCI®, age and type of surgery
  4. Calculation of the balance of risk (BAR) score for potential recipients of liver transplantation, matching recipient and donor risks
  5. Individual assistance in the usage and management of each of those tools


AssesSurgery is an independent, non-for-profit, organization. The webpage is mobile friendly.





Cost Prediction Calculator
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Colon Surgery
Rectum Resection
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