Cost Prediction Calculator

This cost assessment calculator is intended to assist surgeons and surgical departments to estimate patients‘ overall cost by bypassing troublesome bureaucracy. Cost can be calculated for cholecystectomy, colon, rectum, liver, pancreas and bariatric surgery as well as for liver transplantation. Next to the type of surgery, the only additional information needed is patient’s age and overall CCI® at 3 months postoperative. The result is the median cost of same-aged patients with an equal amount of complications within this specific surgery group. This novel way of cost assessment facilitates to keep control over surgical case cost, however, does not replace cost compilation by hospital administration.



Cost Prediction Calculator
Cost Calculation for
Age of the patient
Type of Surgery
Colon Surgery
Rectum Resection
Liver Sugery
Pancreas Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Liver Transplantation



The exchange rate used for cost calculation is updated daily, therefore slight variances in results may occur.


The individual use of the calculator is free of charge. If use for registries, databases or trials a small fee may be charged. Please contact us for evaluation.